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Aircraft carriers in the French Navy

French naval doctrine calls for two aircraft carriers, but the French only have one, the Charles de Gaulle.
The order for the Future French aircraft carrier based on the design of the British Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier
(under construction as of 2009) has been delayed several times for budgetry reasons, priority being given to the more easily exportable FREMM project ; the decision on whether to build the second carrier has now been delayed until 2012.

Playing an essential part in forces projection operations, the amphibious group consists of:
One or more command and projection ship(s) (LHDs/BPC) and/or landing platform docks (LPDs) carrying landing craft (CDIC, CTM) in her well deck, to implement a joint service group of troops, vehicles and helicopters;

- Army utility helicopters (Puma or Cougar taking part in the landing of troops and equipment) and combat helicopters (Gazelle to support the shipborne forces);
- Advanced forces (naval commandos) tasked with preparing the landing,
- A mine warfare component when this type of threat is to be faced; Landing of troops by BPC Mistral’s landing craft
- Defence and support ships.

The two BPCs (Mistral and Tonnerre) and the two LPDs (Foudre and Siroco) include heavy medical facilities to carry out large-scale medical missions (operating theatres, serious burn treatment ...)
They are also able to accommodate and operate an on-board operative HQ for national or multinational operations.
The Super-Etendard (SUE) carrying the medium-range air-to-ground missile (ASMP) will eventually be replaced by the Rafale with the ASMPA (improved medium-range air-to-ground missile).

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Navy

Arromanches R95 Bearn (R99) Bois Belleau (CVL-24)
Decommissioned in January 22nd 1974 Scrapped in Italy in 1967. Scrapped in 1960
  Clemenceau class
Charles de Gaulle (R91) Clemenceau (R98) Foch (R99)
In service Decommissioned in 1 October 1997 Decommissioned in 15 November 2000
    Helicopter carrier
Dixmude Lafayette (R96) Jeanne d'Arc (R 97)
Decommissioned in 24 January 1951 Decommissionedin March 1963 In service
Mistral Class Amphibious Assault Helicopter Carriers  
Mistral Tonnerre (L9014)
In service In service
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